Course Outline

We offer these classes every other weekend; check the Class Schedule here.

Semester Days

  • Spend the entire weekend and get the most out of our classes
  • Includes all Saturday and Sunday classes
  • Bring a friend, companion or caregiver at no additional cost to you
  • Two full days of classes (listed below) for two, one low price

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Saturday Classes

Indoor Gardening

Saturday 9:00am - 2:30pm (Break 12-1pm) : Basic Indoor Gardening Level 1, Basic Indoor Gardening Level 2, Advanced Gardening.  Four hours of instruction on basic indoor gardening level 1 & 2 and followed up with advanced indoor gardening.

Production, Multi Patient Gardening and Breeding

Saturday 2:30pm - 5:00pm : Production, Multi Patient Gardening and Breeding. This class shows The Business of Growing, Requirements, Costs of Setup, Production Gardening, Quotas, Cost of Goods, Maximizing Production, Meeting Standardized Production Levels, Patient Relations, Writing Contracts, Knowing Your Rights, Doing Business, Dealing with Collectives, Marketing and more, then followed up with Beginning Breeding

Sunday Classes

Dispensary Business, Legal Landscape and Politics

Sunday 9:00am - 2:00pm (Break 12-1:30pm) : Dispensary Business, Legal Landscape and Politics. Come join a growing group of entrepreneurs from the new generation of professional businesses in the Medical Marijuana Industry. Learn to open and operate an Oregon Club or Cafe. Meet our Legal Team and find out more about Oregon Dispensaries and Recreational Marijuana Business. Learn about the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act and bring Marijuana into the Public Conversation.

Making Hash, Cooking, Clarifying and Whole Plant Extracts

Sunday 2:00pm - 5:00pm : This class demonstrates how to make your very own cold process hash, including building your hash making machine. Learn to extract and clarify the pure oils from your leaf to use for cooking, tonics. We'll also show you how to efficiently and safely extract oils using ethyl alcohol.

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