Is this only for card holders?

Absolutely not!  Information should be available to any interested person including doctors, lawyers, or persons just interested in finding out about becoming a grower for others.  You will be required to possess a current OMMP card if you want to participate in the labs, but you can view the entire class (including lab) without having a card. Just no touching.

Do I have to pre-register?

No.  Of course we prefer it and you will know that you have a seat.  We are hearing a lot of excitement for the Semester days and feel they will fill up quickly.  However at this time there is plenty of space.

Check the class you want to take for the requirements.  Pre-registration is advised however not required for all classes.  Pre-registration is required for some classes with course materials in order to have your materials ready for class. If this is the case we will let you know on the Class Information Page.

I am wondering about certification to grow. How does that work?
Who would I be certified by?
Would I be certified as a dispensary grower?

There is no official certification required at this time, however there is a lot one should consider.  We are wanting to create a certification for future dispensaries who will recognize our standards of education. As well some possible producers, such as Stoney Girl Gardens would require this certification for gardens wishing to bear their logo. We plan to provide proof of completion of our courses as reference for any production farmer wishing to enter the market.

How do semester days work and is there a discount for taking the whole semester day?

You can take any individual class you like.  There is also a package price for the entire 2 days. The Package price is discounted from the full class price.

Do I have to Pay in Advance

Check the class.  A few require pre-payment to get your supplies.  In most cases and unless required, you may pay at the class.  It is important that you contact us and let us know that you are coming. Classes are on a first come-first serve basis without pre-registration.

How old do I have to be?

You must be 18 years of age or older.

Can I challenge a class?

We do not make you take our basic classes just to get more of your money.  We do it to give you more knowledge and information, and prepare you for advanced learning.

Although we tested the challenge idea, there are basic fundamentals we feel must be understood in order to properly go through the advanced class material.  Terminology, Methods, and production startups are examples of items that should be well understood in order to concentrate on production quotas, costs, etc.  When we talk about push-pull verses batch methods or green, boom, nursery cycles and forced production we will not want to stop to explain the basics. It was this reason alone that we wanted to require these basics.

You will find that although we teach a lot of “basics” there is a lot more than your standard basic information given in each of the classes.

We have had many production growers attend our basics class only to tell us that we have completely changed their perspective and given many helpful pieces of advice that they went home to use. Your success is our biggest reward!

Our beautiful dispensary is now open!

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